Smart Portal

Elevating your precious metals refining and trading to the next level, Hi-Tech PMR has developed the first of its kind; the interactive Smart Portal and Mobile application. The Smart portal is a comprehensive solution with essential features and effective tools covering all areas of the precious metals refining and trading business.

Hi-Tech PMR Smart portal is the innovation that allows you to buy, sell, refine and trade your precious metals conveniently and securely while remaining in touch with outstanding customer services. Access your account at any time through the Smart Portal or mobile app to gain control of your account 24/7.

Start your adventure today. Here are some of the features of the Smart Portal:

Real-Time Job Status »

Status updates are instantly available for every package and job in real time. The Smart portal will prompt you with summarized and detailed updates for your current activities, settlements ready for review, new offers, and new purchases.

Electronic Packing List & Shipping Label Generation »

Create and submit a detailed packing list with all required information and generate a shipping label utilizing our discounted rate. You have the ability to track your shipment from your account.

Real-Time Settlement Review »

You will be notified to review a detailed settlement the moment it is completed.

Advance Lock-In »

You will be able to lock-in your precious metal prices with live NY market before your metal is shipped.

Pool Management »

Control your metal pool account and view your pooled metals balance at any time. You will be able to cash out any amount while market is open and capture the right moment.

Financial Ledger »

View your balance at any time with a detailed list of all settled transactions, fees, and purchases in one ledger. Gain full control of your balance by selecting your choice of payment.

Reports & History »

Generate account reports and access all current and past transactions reports with sorting capability. This feature will help your company be more organized and better measure your performance.

Product Trading »

Trade at Hi-Tech PMR with ease. Hi-Tech PMR carries a wide variety of bullion, coins and other products that are available for you to purchase at live prices with competitive rates and manage shipping from your account to any of your locations.

Special Tools »

Many creative and powerful tools are available for you:

  • Configurable buying metal calculator and downloadable widget
    to run independently on your computer.
  • Assessment metal calculator
  • Internal shipping tracking
  • Live metal quotes & news
  • And many others
Customized User Accounts »

Create user accounts for designated employees with customized privileges and capabilities.

Multi Store Configuration »
  • Customize your account for multiple locations with an option to perform metal price lock-in and pool management collectively or by individual location.
  • Manage multiple locations’ financial activities in one financial ledger.
  • Track all your locations activities with the ability to sort per each location.
  • Easily ship and receive from different store locations.
    Many other benefits for you to discover!
Mobile Application »

While you are in the office or on the road, many of the features listed above are available for you on your smart phone with the Smart Mobile Application. Download the application and gain the whole world of refining in your hand.


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